Minhaj Advisory is pioneering Islamic Finance one stop center headquartered in Dubai with global footprints providing end-to-end Shari’ah solutions with our extensive legacy in serving the global Islamic Finance landscape.

Shari’ah Advisory Solutions

we are a leading Islamic Finance one stop center providing end to end Shari’ah solutions with our extensive legacy in serving the global Islamic Finance Industry. Which enables us in assuring valuable and distinctive Shari’ah advisory services to the stakeholders to implementation of Sharia compliance by specializing in providing Shari’ah financial advisory services with our expert team.

Minhaj Training

Minhaj Advisory aims to become a pioneering Academy; specialized in providing training, workshops, and international accredited certifications in Islamic finance industry, covering all its segments by cooperating with the prominent Islamic Finance experts. Over the last decades, Minhaj Advisory’s legacy has been highly utilized to fill the knowledge gap of Islamic Finance professionals in the industry and we are in partnering with the international bodies to ensure the quality human resource development in the global Islamic Finance landscape.


Our Mission

Sustain our mark in Islamic Finance by assuring valuable and distinctive services to the stakeholders with our incredible legacy.


Our Vision

To lead and excel in meeting all the needs of financial institutions for advisory and training services provided in accordance with the standards of Shari’ah.

Why Minhaj Advisory?

  • Global Islamic Finance Figures with 40 years of incredible experience.
  • Stewardship of Sheikh Dr. Nazih Hammad and the prominent Shari’ah Advisory Board members known across the globe.
  • A pioneering Shariah Advisory Headquartered in Dubai with global footprints.
  • Honored by AAOIFI (Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions).
  • An Award-winning advisory with a golden certified education partnership with AAOIFI.
  • Special Strategic Partnership with CIBAFI – General Council For Islamic Banks And Financial Institutions
  • Accredited training partner of CISI – Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment.
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